MKE WEEK 21 The Amazing Law of Vibration

Eulaine's Journey

According to Albert Einstein, “Everything in life is vibration”. In this blog let’s look at what the Law of Vibration is, how you use Vibration, what is the rate of Vibration, what is the importance of Vibration, and how to raise your Vibrational level.

The Law of Vibration states that everything in the Universe moves and vibrates—everything is vibrating at one speed or another and so are you. Nothing is at rest. However, your frequency is different from other things in the Universe and that’s why it seems like you are separated from what you see around you, such as people, animals, plants, tree, etc. Professor John Hagetino stated that we are not separated; we are living in an ocean of energy connected at the lowest level, which he calls “The Unified Field” Everything has its own vibrational frequency—the table, the car, the picture frame, the rock, even our thoughts…

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Week 21 + Week 22

Aloha Week 21 and 22, wonderful to embrace these weeks with ALOHA, Joy, and Humility! Wonderful to continue on our Hero’s Journey to new growth and expansion. We’ll be having closing Makahiki ceremonies on Kanaloa Moku to honor Lono this coming week so will be unplugged from electronics and will enjoy the silence, plugging into ‘aina, observing without judgement + spending quality time with my ‘ohana and my home-away-from-home, Kanaloa Moku.

Sharing the below mime:



Week 20

Aloha Week 20, its been interesting observing my thoughts and what comes up in my sits…that old blueprint keeps rising up…shout out to my mastermind partner, Mimo, for your support and allowing me to be vulnerable. Many internal questions in particularly, am I worthy of all that has been offered in MKMMA, my hero’s journey? Feels like there’s something “missing” like I know its there but not sure what it is. This is my second time with MKMMA and that “missing” feeling is still there….Many friendly reminders were given in this past Sunday’s live webby, especially that we create our world within which is a reflection of the world without. I promise to continue joyfully with MKMMA and Mana’o’i’o – BELIEVE!

Sharing the below mime which hit home:


Week 19

Aloha e Week 19, mahalo nui for another beautiful week of being the non-judgemental observer exuding ALOHA to everyone and everything. Being present every second of everyday. Sharing a couple of mime’s that sums up this week:





Week 18


Aloha e Week 18:) Combining this week and last Weeks HJ17 posts. It has been very interesting to observe my thoughts these last few weeks. Why does it seem so “easy” to go to the negative? Mahalo piha for the mental diet and the Law of Substitution…When the old blueprint of negativity rolls around, nice to not feed those peptides + have created wonderful “habits of thought selection and thought control by not entertaining or dwelling upon negative things” (Mahalo Emmet Fox). That warm, fuzzy, loving feeling embraces me and I smile:) Appreciate my hero’s journey and giving myself permission to be happy everyday!

What would the person I intend to become do next?

What am I pretending not to know?



Week 18 – I love my life

Monica's blog

I trully love my life and I appreciate it a lot. As a matter of fact, I would not change a minute of it if I could. I have given lectures on this theme before, and telling my lifestory. When people hear about my life is it difficult for them to understand how I can be so positive, harmonious and happy about life. That is also the main reason why I lectured before. It was my mission to show people how you can have strength and faith, appreciating life when your child can’t handle himself, life or others. He was extremely selfdestructive and kickseaking, living his life in rocket pace, and finally took his own life after struggling with drugs for 13 years from the age of 14. It was quite a life journey we did together.

I devoted my life persistently to help him to develop life coping strategies…

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MKE Week 18: Will this day be my last?

Eric's MKMMA Experience

That’s an interesting question?  Some may read that as more of a darker question, thus wondering what thoughts the writer, me,  may have or what I may be going through. 

Not to worry friends.  That is a question filled with positivity, opportunity, gratitude, courage and enthusiasm. 

I will live this day as if it is my last.

Now that is a statement! 

Preparing for Scroll V which we just began, I was tasked to start reading an obituary daily and asking 3 questions to myself.  What would that person give for one more day?  Who could I show gratitude toward as if it was my last day?  How can I behave today to finish my masterpiece of my life? 

Yes, to some that may seem a bit odd and weird to ask those questions…..

“Oh, shut up old blueprint”

Anyway, this was one of the…

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