Week 20

Aloha Week 20, its been interesting observing my thoughts and what comes up in my sits…that old blueprint keeps rising up…shout out to my mastermind partner, Mimo, for your support and allowing me to be vulnerable. Many internal questions in particularly, am I worthy of all that has been offered in MKMMA, my hero’s journey? Feels like there’s something “missing” like I know its there but not sure what it is. This is my second time with MKMMA and that “missing” feeling is still there….Many friendly reminders were given in this past Sunday’s live webby, especially that we create our world within which is a reflection of the world without. I promise to continue joyfully with MKMMA and Mana’o’i’o – BELIEVE!

Sharing the below mime which hit home:



6 thoughts on “Week 20

  1. I feel the same way, like there’s something missing. But I don’t know what. Hopefully it’ll come to us one of these days. Wishing you much success & happiness!


  2. Sometimes when you feel that there is something missing is it because you have an idea of what to expect, or what you are looking for. Like when you go out looking for mushrooms to pick. Maybe you look for a particular mushroom and therefore do not see the abundance of other kinds of mushroom, maybe you even go home emptyhanded with no mushroom. Or you find mushroom but is so focused on the mushrooms so you don’t hear the wind in the trees, see the beatiful deer that is looking at you and so forth. At those times can you be happy for the mushrooms you found but still have the feeling that you missed something in the whole experience in the beautiful forest.
    Or when you feel that you are missing something can it be because you have an idea about how you will feel when you “find it” and that feeling haven’t came up yet. Maybe it never will either. Maybe you will have quite another feeling when things come to you.
    I truly wish that you will find what you sense you are missing. I think you have it within yourself already. Maybe it’s not something you miss, but something you yet not have discovered.


    • mahalo nui e monica for your supportive words! week 21 webinar spoke volumes in truly embracing that we are natures greatest miracles and continue to live each day with a positive mentality:)


  3. Thank you Momi, know that I am here anytime, all the time. How do you feel about this, in your sit, asking for guidance to discover or learn or feel what it is you feel you are missing? You are worthy, always, your heart is filled with aloha for your aina, open your heart to more. You will find him.

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