Week 15

Aloha mai:) Embracing Week 15 with aloha and paying attention to all of our amazing MKMMA daily habits…what we think about grows! Recently went to a birthday party for a dear friend. It was great to celebrate, connect and talk story with those ‘ohana haven’t seen in awhile. A couple of times observed (without judgement) a few conversations that would start to go negative. Felt wonderful to exude Aloha, express appreciation, and notice the conversation move in a positive direction. Love those chicken skin moments:)

Part 15 of MKE questions and answers #5 and #6 spoke volumes and confirmed the above mentioned…how are desirable conditions secured? by entertaining desirable thoughts only. Reading and sitting with Part 15 every day this week, mahalo piha/deeper appreciation for this gift of life! Am excited to have chosen and continue on the high way that my na’au shall go….to every man there openeth a way, and the high soul climbs the high way, and the low soul gropes the low; and in between on the misty flats, the rest drifts to and fro. but to every man there openeth a high way and a low and every man decideth the way his soul shall go.





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